Darmasiswa Program



Bahasa Indonesia Class

Knowledge, practice, and experience are what drive our Bahasa Indonesia Class. The class starts with a discussion on the learning materials followed by individual, pair, or team practice in the classroom. Finally, what has been learned will be put into practice in an actual situation outside the classroom context.

Field Trips

Learning through exploration. We will take you to major places around the island. You will not only have fun and enjoy the activities but also learn about the places. You will observe and report on what you experience during your trips.

Cooking Class

Who does not like eating? During this class, you will not only eat but will make the dishes yourselves. As an island rich in culture and customs, Bali also has various recipes that can be tried easily. You will be introduced to different spices used in Balinese dishes and their cooking methods.

Gamelan Class

Bali has a quite distinctive musical instrument. It is called Gamelan. It is a set of instruments that are played during religious and cultural ceremonies. On this occasion, you will not be the spectators but the players who will play the instruments. The teachers will guide patiently.

Traditional Dance Class

The Balinese dance performance is mesmerising. In this class, you will be introduced to Balinese dance movements. Our local dance teachers will guide you with the movements.

Yoga Class

Bali is heaven for yoga classes. You can find it in every area of Bali. The class may be offered within the university area, or you will be taken to open areas outside the university. Let’s calm our minds during this yoga class.

Cultural Activities - Celebration

We have hundreds of celebrations to celebrate in Bali. Every single celebration brings its own values and uniqueness. You will have a chance to prepare things for the celebration, be part of the celebration, or simply be the spectator of the celebration.

Cultural Activities - Market Visit

Every area in Bali has its own traditional markets. You will be able to put into practice what you have learned during your formal classes directly and shop like the locals.