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 – Bidikmisi

– Peningkatan Prestasi Akademik (PPA)


Masa tempuh studi untuk Program Studi S1 Sastra Inggris dan S1 Sastra Jepang adalah 4 tahun. 


 Sarjana Sastra (S.S)


Tersedia Kelas Pagi / Sore


Kurikulum Penunjang Profil Lulusan Program Studi Sastra Jepang :

  • Bijinesu Kaiwa (Percakapan Bisnis)
  • Kanko Nihongo (Bhs. Jepang Pariwisata)
  • Honyaku– Tsuyaku (terjemahan,interpreter)
  • Matakuliah aplikatif menarik lainnya dan kuliah umum dari berbagai ahli baik dalam maupun luar negeri.
  • Rencana agenda PKL di Jepang (proses penjajagan)

Kurikulum Penunjang Profil Lulusan Program Studi Sastra Inggris :

  • Bussiness English
  • English for Hotel and Restaurant
  • English for Guiding, Tour,and Travel
  • English for Media
  • Correspondence
  • Translation
  • Public Speaking


Faculty of Foreign Languages Mahasaraswati Denpasar University

The Darmasiswa program is a dynamic, immersive Indonesian language and cultural learning opportunity for foreign students. 

It is situated on the vibrant island of Bali, Indonesia.

The popularity of the 2018 program resulted in another successful student enrolment in 2019. Students came from various countries from three continents: Europe, Asia and Australia.

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“I feel really thankful for oportunity to study in Bali. Bali was my dream, and I can not imagine something better than been chosen for one year and study. I was lucky because my University is perfect. They really care! They taught us a much! They were alwayshere for us, and every class was original. Our coordinator and teachers also we’re our friends, teachers and family.”


from Slovakia 2018

“Studying at FBA UNMAS gives me the perfect blend of learning and having fun. The lively campus is an extra advantage to practice Bahasa Indonesia anytime and with anyone.”

from India 2019

Darmasiswa is a great opportunity to spend a year in paradise and learn so much. I have a chance to study and practice language, plus I get to enjoy experiencing Indonesia’s rich and diverse culture. I’d recommended this to all the young people from around the world.” 


from Serbia 2019.


Dr. Desak Putu Eka Pratiwi, S.S. , M.Hum

Wakil Dekan I

Komang Dian Puspita Candra, S.S., M.Hum

Wakil Dekan II

contact information

IG : fbaunmas
Phone: + 62 361 228043
Humas +62 81 338 663 660
Email: [email protected]
Address : Jalan Kamboja No. 11 A Denpasar – Bali.

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